Busy week

My mom has been in town this week. I’m launching a huge web project for a national non profit. I facilitated a conversation on community transformation with local leaders from gov’t, business, non profit, artist and education sectors. Meetings for 2 boards of local non profits I’m on. Plus, I’m still married with 2 kids! […]

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Health Update Feb 2015

Had another Bone Scan (where they inject me with a radioactive isotope and then take pictures with a gamma camera) on Thursday. Went well. Sending the results to my doctor. We shall see what he has to say. The hope is he will say that it looks good and I can schedule surgery and finally […]

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Health update–one year later

So my last scan did not show what they had hoped for. The affected area is still very active (the calcium cells continue to form). Until this stops, the doctor won’t do the surgery as it would lead to additional muscle loss. So I have another scan in Feb. Pain is mild most days. If I am […]

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Health Update

For previous health updates click here. On my way out the door for a bone scan. On Friday I have an appt to go over the results. Best case scenario we can schedule my surgery at that appt. Unrelated to my leg I developed some sort of eye infection (my internet sleuthing over the weekend […]

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Medical update

So last week I had a doctor appointment with my Orthopedic Specialist to review the results of my latest xray. He said everything looked good and that between the results plus my reduced pain and increased mobility that it confirms my diagnosis (for those who don’t remember there had previously been a window of doubt). […]

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Doctor Visit

Doctor visit today with the specialist at UCLA Santa Monica. He will be looking at the xrays I took last week. Depending on what he sees we will either start talking about surgery options or schedule the next set of xrays for a couple months out. Over the last few weeks my inflammation and swelling […]



The funny thing about biopsy results…

So the big thing everyone wants to know… It looks a lot like, but not quite enough to be 100% certain, myositis ossificans. Because of some irregularities they do want to keep a very close eye on it to make sure nothing changes. So in terms of prognosis, when someone gets a cancer diagnosis it […]

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My Uncle’s words of encouragement to my mom

1. he had an incarcerated hernia at 5 weeks old and surgery he survived. 2. he had a lost testicle and it was found so surgery put it in the right place 3. at 4 he fell in the pool, almost died and you were told if he survived he would be a vegetable. 4. […]

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Keeping Ya’ll Up To Date

Thursday (2.20.14) I had an appointment with an Orthopedist. He spent less than 10 minutes with me basically saying that this required a very specialized specialist. He put in a referral to see a Orthopedic Oncologist at UCLA Medical Center (in Santa Monica) who should be able to finally give us a differential diagnosis between the three […]

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In which I share what has been going on in my life

Sharing is not really my jam. That said, with a lot going on Shannon and I have been feeling it is time to bring more folks in. I sure would appreciate your prayers, positive vibes, warm thoughts, etc. Below you will find the short version, the long version and some next steps with regards to […]