Facebook Connect: Why? Why not?

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I recently added Facebook Connect to this site.   I have heard many arguments for and against this move so I thought I would take a few minutes to discuss my thought process.

First the negatives:  Facebook has made it very clear that they own the data that sits on their servers.  This is a HUGE negative for a lot of people.

Beyond that it also encourages people to pick up conversations off of your site.  For ad driven or ecommerce sites this means, in some folks eyes (though not mine), less revenue for site owners.

The positives:  Facebook is growing like a weed.  Its at around 200 million users world wide and one of its fastest growing segments is women in their 30’s and 40’s, who are the primary decision makers in almost ALL household purchasing decisions.

Thats a lot of eyes.

Thats a lot of eyes.

It encourages people to keep talking about your content, to share your content with their friends, many of whom may have never heard about or seen your site otherwise.  Not all will click through to your site, but some will.

Armed with this information, I decided to implement Facebook Connect.  Have you?  Why or why not?  Feel free to plug your site if you have it.  I would love to see how you integrated it.

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