Dear nerds, I need your help…


I know about 95% of you will have no idea what any of this means.  Thats ok.  This wasn’t meant for you then (;

About six months ago my netbook power supply started going crazy.  Then eventually it died.  I should have stopped using it when it was screwy, but it was my primary computer and I could not afford to replace it right away.  It has a 32gb *mini* pci-express ssd.  I mostly use cloud storage options but did have a few graphics and pictures stored on locally that I had not yet backed up.  I finally got a new computer but do not have any devices around that have a *mini* pci-express port.

I am hoping that one of you out there might know what this post means, and have a solution.  I need to get the data off the old drive and onto a usb stick or something.

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