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Busy week

My mom has been in town this week. I’m launching a huge web project for a national non profit. I facilitated a conversation on community transformation with local leaders from gov’t, business, non profit, artist and education sectors. Meetings for 2 boards of local non profits I’m on. Plus, I’m still married with 2 kids! […]

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Google’s 8 Pillars of Innovation for Non Profit’s

Susan Wojcicki has seen Google grow from the very start … the company was once based in her garage! In 2011, Wojcicki wrote “The Eight Pillars of Innovation” about how the company pushes itself forward. These Eight Pillars made Google one of the most useful and financially sound companies on the planet. What would it look […]

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Cecil the Lion: What can marketers and fundraisers learn?

You may have heard about Cecil the Lion. You may have heard about Walter Palmer. You may have even heard about Theo Bronkhorst. You likely haven’t heard about the thousands of other African animals poached each year in opposition to local and international laws. But this post isn’t about Cecil the Lion. Nor is it […]

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Dreaming is hard. Keep dreaming.

It’s okay. You’re scared. I get it. But don’t worry. It’s going to be ok. Or maybe it won’t. Innovation can happen. Change is hard. Change is scary. But it has to happen. It is going to happen. Lead it. Don’t wait for it. Don’t chase it. Don’t settle for anything less than striving to […]

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Should my non profit use Periscope?

Let’s talk about Qik. Qik, a company that was very early on in the stream-live-video-from-your-phone trend that popped up and then quickly faded around 2008-2009, is being retired by its parent company, Skype. Skype acquired Qik back in 2011 for upwards of $100 million. ~ Techcrunch If you check out all of my earliest youtube videos […]

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Make it a MAY to Remember!

Join Dan Portnoy and I for a half day of training on how to best equip your team for this year’s campaigns. We’re calling it Connect + Engage because we all know: that’s how you win donors and catalyze audiences. We wanted to share what we’re seeing in successful non-profits and provide helps in several areas from telling […]

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Health Update Feb 2015

Had another Bone Scan (where they inject me with a radioactive isotope and then take pictures with a gamma camera) on Thursday. Went well. Sending the results to my doctor. We shall see what he has to say. The hope is he will say that it looks good and I can schedule surgery and finally […]

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Health update–one year later

So my last scan did not show what they had hoped for. The affected area is still very active (the calcium cells continue to form). Until this stops, the doctor won’t do the surgery as it would lead to additional muscle loss. So I have another scan in Feb. Pain is mild most days. If I am […]

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I AM an Anarchist. All good men are Anarchists. All cultured, kindly men; all gentlemen; all just men are Anarchists. Jesus was an anarchist. A Monarchist is one who believes a monarch should govern. A Plutocrat believes in the rule of the rich. A Democrat holds that the majority should dictate. An Aristocrat thinks only the wise should decide; while an Anarchist does not believe in government at all. Richard Croker is a Monarchist; Mark Hanna a Plutocrat; Cleveland a Democrat; Cabot Lodge an Aristocrat; William Penn, Henry D. Thoreau, Bronson Alcott and Walt Whitman were Anarchists. An Anarchist is one who minds his own business. An Anarchist does not believe in sending warships across wide oceans to kill brown men, and lay waste rice fields, and burn the homes of people who are fighting for liberty. An Anarchist does not drive women with babes at their breasts and other women with babes unborn, children and old men into the jungle to be devoured by beasts or fever or fear, or die of hunger, homeless, unhouseled and undone. Destruction, violence, ravages, murder, are perpetrated by statute law.
~ Elbert Hubbard, in "The Better Part" in A Message to Garcia and Thirteen Other Things (1901), p. 131
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Health Update

For previous health updates click here. On my way out the door for a bone scan. On Friday I have an appt to go over the results. Best case scenario we can schedule my surgery at that appt. Unrelated to my leg I developed some sort of eye infection (my internet sleuthing over the weekend […]

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