20 Tips to Survive and Thrive In Today's Economic Turmoil or Marketing on a Budget part 3.

We have now gone over 10 tips to boost your business or organization’s presence while budgets are being slashed across the board.  Thanks to those of you who have emailed, called and tweeted ideas.  Love to hear them and several have been incorporated and tweaked based on your input.  Keep it coming.  

11.  Videos.  Funny, informative, silly, musical, emotional.  Make videos and get them up on YouTube, Vimeo, your blog or website, everywhere.  Video is an incredible medium able to connect with people at several levels and can be embedded everywhere giving your message, brand, etc. legs to take off and do the heavy lifting for you.  Bonus points for getting featured as a top viral video on Matt Singley’s Blog.  

12.  Physical presence.  Where do your best customers spend their time?  Where do your prospects hang out?Where do you spend your time?  If there is a major difference here you are missing out on a great opportunity to open up new dialogue, create new relationships and opportunities to connect.  Remember, people want to work with their friends.  Spend time with your top customers and meet more folks like them.

13.  Knowledge.  Businesses is slow.  I get it.  What are you doing with the extra time?  You can know more than your competitor about your product, industry, customer.  This is a time where you can hone your sales skills, make your product better, make your processes better, learn to do everything better.  Learn more about your existing customers, their businesses, their use of your product.  What can you do to make their experience better?  This is the time to learn all you can.  Your competitors is running around like a chicken with his head cut off right now.  Be smart.  Learn more.

14.  I am going to cheat and throw a good tip for small businesses looking to cut costs but this one is not marketing.  What software are you using?  How much did it cost?  How much does it cost a month?  Are there free, open source, shareware, etc solutions that you could use that won’t sacrifice productivity but give you more cashflow to reinvest in being the best (your company) you can be?  You don’t know the answer to this? Thats ok.  Ask your network.  You know people.  Ask in the comment section.  Ask on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Which brings us to…

15.  Talk to your network.  You spend a lot of time getting to know people.  Personally, professionally, whatever.  Ask folks questions.  Offer solutions.  Invest your time in helping others succeed (because its the right thing to do) and they will start sending the leads on over.  They will let you know the best way to solve your supply chain problem.  They will give you the discount on that service you can never seem to get a good price on.  Be helpful and form good relationships with the business community around you. You all want to succeed and can help each other get there.

What are you doing to be there for your future customers when your competition goes under?  How are you saing money, but getting the word out?  What are you doing to keep your existing clients?  Let me know.