20 Tips to Survive and Thrive In Today’s Economic Turmoil or Marketing on a Budget part 2

Last week we looked at the first 5 tips.  Now lets turn our attention to the next 5.  

6.  Form good relationships with local publications editors and journalists. When something truly interesting and relevant happens with your organization set them GREAT copy and they will publish it.  Caveat: if you send them crap or take advantage of the friendship by trying to get them to write about you everytime you make a sale, expect to lose that friend, and the opportunity to get press.  Most business magazines publish info about new hires, aquisitions, mergers, etc.  What in your industry is newsworthy?  Let me know in the comments. (for my friends running larger companies consider a press agent or PR firm for numbers 6 and 7.)

7.  Are you an expert in your field?  Can you speak intelligently to issues surrounding the current environment and your industry?  Especially during political change, economic change or major industry upheavals newspapers, blogs, TV shows (if you are clean and dress well), are all looking for experts.  Network with these folks and let them know you are happy to help.  Not only do you get tons of exposure, but done well you gain prestige in the eyes of the public, making you a more attractive candidate for their business.  

8.  Utilize tools like Twitter Search (when it is working), Google Alerts, Friend Feed, Backtype, etc.  These tools all allow you to know what people are talking about and tailor your message to it.  Caveat: Be real. Don’t pick up new slang or talk about subjects you know nothing about to seem cool. But if you notice a strong trend towards people talking about their cats, and you love cats, you can connect with those folks in a much more real and meaningful way than you ever could throwing up product brochure info at them.

9.  Sort of connected to number 3 but you should be blogging.  Giving away your expertise away for free, keeping the public informed of what is coming next in your organization, being fun and interesting, this gets people excited about what you offer.  In some circles this idea is unpopular.  Folks think that if they give away their ideas, people won’t need to hire them.  Ask handymen and contractors if they think that because How To books, websites and magazines exist they are going out of business.  Of course not.  People need help in implemenation.  They don’t want to do things themselves.  What could you write about in your industry that would provide value to your customers and clients?  What can get them excited about your next event, promotion, sale, product launch, etc?

10.  Enter into contests. Magazines, websites, trade publications, TV shows and everyone else are always having contests for organizations or individuals to enter into.  Entering into this and then calling into action your fans, friends, and customers to vote on you or write in and tell the judges how great you are is a great way to not only possible win something useful for your company, but it also energizes your community and gets you tons of free publicity.  Any contests your organization are in right now? Let me know.

Look forward to you feedback.  Let me know if you have any ideas for part 3.