10 Poorest Cities in the USA

Biz Journal just released a list of the 10 poorest cities in the USA.  Definetly worth a look.  I am curious if anyone is already doing something in any of these areas.  Is this big news?  Are there community development centers, churches, non profits, etc. already working to make sure people in these cities are able to take care of their families and better their communities?  I was shocked to hear that three seperate New York cities made the list.  What can I do, what can you do, what can we as concerned individuals and communities do to help existing efforts?  

1.   Brownsville, Texas
2.   Flint, Mich.
3.   Syracuse, N.Y.
4.   Rochester, N.Y.
5.   Dayton, Ohio
6.   Cleveland
7.   Detroit
8.   Buffalo
9.   Erie, Pa.
10. Waco, Texas