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Should my non profit use Periscope?

Let’s talk about Qik. Qik, a company that was very early on in the stream-live-video-from-your-phone trend that popped up and then quickly faded around 2008-2009, is being retired by its parent company, Skype. Skype acquired Qik back in 2011 for upwards of $100 million. ~ Techcrunch If you check out all of my earliest youtube videos […]

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Make it a MAY to Remember!

Join Dan Portnoy and I for a half day of training on how to best equip your team for this year’s campaigns. We’re calling it Connect + Engage because we all know: that’s how you win donors and catalyze audiences. We wanted to share what we’re seeing in successful non-profits and provide helps in several areas from telling […]

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Health Update Feb 2015

Had another Bone Scan (where they inject me with a radioactive isotope and then take pictures with a gamma camera) on Thursday. Went well. Sending the results to my doctor. We shall see what he has to say. The hope is he will say that it looks good and I can schedule surgery and finally […]

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