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The funny thing about biopsy results…

So the big thing everyone wants to know… It looks a lot like, but not quite enough to be 100% certain, myositis ossificans. Because of some irregularities they do want to keep a very close eye on it to make sure nothing changes. So in terms of prognosis, when someone gets a cancer diagnosis it […]

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My Uncle’s words of encouragement to my mom

1. he had an incarcerated hernia at 5 weeks old and surgery he survived. 2. he had a lost testicle and it was found so surgery put it in the right place 3. at 4 he fell in the pool, almost died and you were told if he survived he would be a vegetable. 4. […]

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Keeping Ya’ll Up To Date

Thursday (2.20.14) I had an appointment with an Orthopedist. He spent less than 10 minutes with me basically saying that this required a very specialized specialist. He put in a referral to see a Orthopedic Oncologist at UCLA Medical Center (in Santa Monica) who should be able to finally give us a differential diagnosis between the three […]

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